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Boat Designers Tour John's Bay Boat

October 4

1 p.m. — 2:30 p.m.  Industry Tours  Special Events

This small, traditional boatshop located in mid-coast Maine builds
custom plank on frame boats for both work & pleasure. Owner, Peter Kass believes
in building using traditional methods. He designs all of the boats he builds starting
with a half -model he carves by hand. He then takes the lines from the model to
create a table of offsets which he then lofts the keel, stern (transom) and
temporary molds, which become the framework around which the boat is built. Builder
becomes artists as the vessels shape is formed by eye and by feel. Along with
the ability to be customized and the rugged practicality of a wooden boat,
these are also some of the most beautiful boats on the water, real head-turners

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Phone: (207) 443-1316
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