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Ocean Bound: Three Centuries of Library Treasures

Nov. 15, 2014 — May 25, 2015

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Maine Maritime Museum’s world-class research library contains a staggering number of rare, beautiful, and unusual original documents and images that intimately connect to the past.

The Museum traces its origin to a desire by community leaders in Bath to publish a book chronicling the maritime history of the Kennebec River region. As a result, the organization’s research collection has always been significant, and today is regarded by many as one of the leading maritime museum libraries in the country.

The Ocean Bound exhibit will display the best and most exciting items of the library collection grouped by category – photographs, manuscripts, charts, etc.  Other sections will present some of the most compelling stories that illustrate Maine’s special place in world maritime affairs told through combinations of multiple types of documents. 

The seas connect us all to the rest of the world, and the documents in the museum’s research library make that abundantly clear - whether through photographs showing how Liberty Ships were built during World War II, a Maine sea captain’s charts of the world, a copy of Captain Bligh’s account of the events related to the mutiny on the Bounty collected by a Mainer who was a diplomat to Pacific island nations, a contract to build a five-mast schooner in Waldoboro, or the plans of a Cold War destroyer built at Bath Iron Works. Together they demonstrate how integral Maine was and is in world history – economically, socially, politically, and technologically.

Plus some of the things just look really cool.

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