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Some Burdensome: Big Ships, Big Cargoes

Aug. 2, 2013 — Aug. 31, 2013

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Burdensome: the quality of a vessel that describes her ability to carry cargo, her 'burden'; a burdensome ship has greater volume for its length. This is a positive attribute in a merchant vessel.

Some Burdensome will pay homage to big ships, past and present, and the folks that filled them.  From shovels, chanteys and cotton screws to standardized steel containers with radio frequency ID and radiation scanning, it’s all about humping the goods, and giving good weight. And from Noah’s Ark to the Ebba Maersk, the way to move big cargo is to float it.

Maine’s commerce, both past and present, has always pivoted on successful solutions to maritime cargo export and import, and is looking ahead at an ever-increasing international role. While global manufacturing is ever more dependent on the economies of scale offered by maritime shipping, rising transport costs are bringing new looks at the size and shape of future ocean carriers; even sails are being re-visited. Maine is once again being seen not as the end of the highway, but rather as a stepping off point to the rest of the world. While the technologies may have changed, Maine shipbuilders and shippers of a hundred years ago would only smile knowingly and say, “Is there any other way?”


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