Wavelength: The Story of Signals at Sea

Nov. 14, 2015 — May 15, 2016

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From flags, bells and whistles to radio, radar and GPS, maritime communications have had to go the distance. Wavelength: The Story of Signals at Sea will explore the history of communications at sea.

A signal is information conveyed over distance; the maritime world has long used signaling of every sort to stay afloat. Wavelength will trace the evolution of maritime signals from  optical to electronic, including a display of an early Marconi-era steamship’s radio room, along with vintage bells and whistles, lanterns, depth sounders, ship-to-shore, Loran, and other collection rarities. Engine-room telegraph and signal flag interactives will enhance the Wavelength experience, along with demonstrations of actual Morse code transmissions from the gallery using period apparatus.


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The Family of
George C. Twombly
Communications Pioneer and Maine Maritime Museum Trustee
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