Maine Maritime Museum

Crew list to U.S. Shipping Commissioner

Date: May 25, 1875
Voyage: Alice M. Minott ( )
Citation: MS-90 b42f18


New York. List shows name, station, monthly wages, and advance wages only for each mariner, plus totals for shipping fees, boatage, etc.

Financial records

Mariner Rank Entry Date Entry Port Discharge Date Discharge Port Served P WPM WPR A S CA AA H SF F&F BD Notes
Adams, Charles Seaman 20.00 40.00
Allen, Alphonso May 2, 1882 Machias, ME - USA
Allen, Joseph E Aug. 21, 1882 Machias, ME - USA
Anderson, J. Seaman 20.00 40.00
Coyle, John Seaman 20.00 40.00
Hanson, August Seaman 20.00 40.00
Harding, James Seaman 20.00 40.00
Hemphill, Robt Seaman 20.00 40.00
Jackson, John Seaman 20.00 40.00
Kelly, Wm. Seaman 20.00 40.00
Lamson, J. D. April 8, 1889 Machias, ME - USA
Long, David Mate 50.00 0.00
Lynch, James Seaman 20.00 40.00
Marshall, Thomas Second Mate 35.00 70.00
Rancher, William Seaman 20.00 40.00
Simpson, William Carpenter 35.00 70.00
Slade, James Seaman 20.00 40.00
Smith, George Ordinary Seaman 15.00 30.00
Steppe, J. Seaman 20.00 40.00
Torbert, A. C. Ordinary Seaman 15.00 0.00 Entry for Monthly wages unclear -- only clear digit is "1" followed by a dot which may be the pen skipping when writing the units digit, followed by another dot in line with other entries' dots separating dollars and cents. Entry just below is also for an Ordinary Seaman, who was shown as to receive $15.00 for monthly wages.
Tyrrell, D June 25, 1898 Boston, MA - USA
Webster, Ths H Cook 35.00 70.00
Wright, Arthur Steward 40.00 80.00

Abbreviations: P – Payment, the total amount due the mariner for the voyage; WPM – Wages per month, the usual way seamen were paid; WPR – Wages per run: occasionally, mariners took a set amount for a run between two places; A – Advance, the amount the mariner received in advance of the voyage, for signing on; S – Slops, amount for goods purchased from the vessel’s store; CA – Creditor allotment, amount paid to creditors if so listed; AA – Advanced abroad, cash advances the mariner received while in foreign ports; H – Hospital money, a small monthly amount deducted to support the marine hospital service; SF – Shipping fees, paid to shipping agents for their services; F&F – Fines and forfeitures, if so listed, including prison fees; BD – Balance due, after all of the above

The information given in this database is entered here as it is on the document or documents in the Maine Maritime Museum collections. The spelling of the mariner’s name may be wrong, the arithmetic may be wrong, and some descriptions may be thoughtless or not politically correct, but they are shown as found. We have attempted to standardize the names and descriptions of vessels and the spelling of place names. We have tried to include in notes fields important information that does not fit in the standard fields.