Maine Maritime Museum

North Star

Rig/class: Ship
Year Built: 1870
Official Number: 18660




NameYear of BirthBirthplaceResidenceCitizenship
Abasion, G.
Aluignipaw, Fred 1853
Anderson, Erik
Bacriuet, John 1847Mauritius, British Overseas TerritorySan Francisco , CA - USAFrance
Baker, John 1835
Baker, John
Barry, Joseph
Bichonmon, George
Boges, George
Bowman, Charley
Bowman, Chs.
Brogets, Napoleon
Brugiali, Paholeon 1850
Buckingham, Chas. 1846EnglandSan Francisco , CA - USAGreat Britain
Carlsbarm, Thomas
Cassidy, Jamse 1845San Francisco , CA - USAUSA
Chriscofferson, Fredrick
Christenfess, Abel
Christianson, Abel 1857
Christianson, Janus 1852DenmarkSan Francisco , CA - USADenmark
Christine, Sarem
Christoffersen, Frederick 1854
Christofferson, Fred
Christosten, Fredrick
Cogger, George
Cogger, George
Cotso, John
Cracker, William
Cunningham, Thomas 1840USA
Cunningham, Thos.
Dinkin, Jus. 1853San Francisco , CA - USASan Francisco , CA - USAUSA
Donovan, Jus. 1848New BrunswickSan Francisco , CA - USAGreat Britain
Douglas, James
Doyle, Richard
Doyle, Richard
Elfainy, Niles G.1845
Elfigin, Niles
Elfinger, Niles J.
Elfmein, N. J.1844SwedenSan Francisco , CA - USASweden
Elles, Jas. D,
Fletcher, Janus 1848EnglandSan Francisco , CA - USAGreat Britain
Frances, Antonio
Fuigvall, W. T.1850San Francisco , CA - USARussia
Furlong, E. F.1847USA
Furlong, E. K.1845MaineSan Francisco , CA - USAUSA
Furlong, E. K.
Garasert, G.
Gereave, Giovanni 1853
Gerloia, Geo.
Goanpon, G. 1851
Gohan, Carl
Gomfrela, L.
Grapentiz, Grofs
Gushton, Himerich 1847
Hanson, Hans F1858
Hassam, Wm. 1828East IndiesSan Francisco , CA - USAUSA
Hatch, Thomas
Hauson, W. J.1860VermontSan Francisco , CA - USAUSA
Heavis, Thos. 1854EnglandSan Francisco , CA - USAGreat Britain
Heller, Otto 1857DenmarkSan Francisco , CA - USADenmark
Henderson, G.
Henderson, William
Hendrickson, E.
Henry, John
Heo, Baa 1848ChinaSan Francisco , CA - USAChina
Heywood, Jas.
Hodgkins, Fred 1860MaineSan Francisco , CA - USAUSA
Hogwood, James
Holland, Cornelas
Hoonce, H. F.
Hooper, Wm. 1827EnglandSan Francisco , CA - USAGreat Britain
Howard, John
Humphris, Mathew 1840South AmericaSan Francisco , CA - USAGreat Britain
James, Thos.
Joher, Chas. 1829FranceSan Francisco , CA - USAFrance
Johnson, Andrew 1860DenmarkSan Francisco , CA - USADenmark
Johnson, C. A.
Johnson, Janus 1844GermanySan Francisco , CA - USAGermany
Jones, Thomas
Keacht, Carl
Kelly, Geo. 1838New York, USASan Francisco , CA - USAUSA
Kelly, Jannils 1846San Francisco , CA - USAGreat Britain
Kelly, Jas. 1840EnglandSan Francisco , CA - USAGreat Britain
Kerach, Charles
Landgren, M.
Lara, Antonio
Lawrence, Wm. 1824MaineSan Francisco , CA - USAUSA
Lemon, J. E.
Leuca, Antonioa C.
Leutu, John 1852
Linholm, Charles
Lundgec, Magni 1855
Malurds, A. A.1844SwedenSan Francisco , CA - USASweden
Martin, John
McDonald, Wm. 1844Massachusetts, USASan Francisco , CA - USAUSA
McKenzie, John
McKinzy, John
Moase, William
Mortan, Han 1850GermanySan Francisco , CA - USAGermany
Muham, M. 1839
Murdin, Thos. 1848EnglandSan Francisco , CA - USAGreat Britain
Murray, Geo. 1850FranceSan Francisco , CA - USAFrance
Murray, Robt. 1850ScotlandSan Francisco , CA - USAGreat Britain
Napin, Samuel 1833New York, USASan Francisco , CA - USAUSA
Nass, A. H.1845DenmarkSan Francisco , CA - USADenmark
Nelson, S. 1842
Nelson, S.
Nelson, S.
Nickerson, J.
Nilson, Charles 1828San Francisco , CA - USAUSA
OBrien, Charles
Ollas, Joseph D.1827
Olson, Fred
Owen, Silas 1859USA
Owen, Silas 1859Bath, ME - USASan Francisco , CA - USAUSA
Owen, Silas
Pellatt, Francis 1831EnglandSan Francisco , CA - USAGreat Britain
Pennington, James
Penomore, W.
Peterson, G.
Peterson, John
Peterson, John E.1835
Potter, Jas. 1844Ohio, USASan Francisco , CA - USAUSA
Ramond, Wm.
Rass, Joher 1835DenmarkSan Francisco , CA - USADenmark
Rass, William
Regan, Edward
Richardson, Wm.
Richardson, Wm.
Ritchet, Wm.
Robinson, Isaac 1842New York, USASan Francisco , CA - USAUSA
Rogon, Edward
Saro, Antonio 1848
Smith, John
Smith, John
Spence, Edw. 1838EnglandSan Francisco , CA - USAGreat Britain
Srcheas, Chs.
Stuart, Frank 1847
Stuart, Frank
Sukoten, Jus. 1851ScotlandSan Francisco , CA - USAGreat Britain
Taylong, E. K.
Thompson, J. A.San Francisco , CA - USAUSA
Thompson, J. W.San Francisco , CA - USAUSA
Thorpe, H. 1858Philadelphia, PA - USASan Francisco , CA - USAUSA
Valdson, C. H.1849
Weigh, William
Welch, George
Wengal, Charles
Weniges, William
Wilkins, Harry
Wilkins, Harry
Wilkins, Harry
Williams, William
Wilond, Gustof
Wiran, G.
Wleux, William
Woldson, U. H.
Wuger, W.
Yuug, Ah 1847ChinaSan Francisco , CA - USAChina


Consular Certificate - Aug. 17, 1875 -- North Star (d. Cardiff - a. Rio de Janeiro)MS-335 b1f9
Crew List - Nov. 27, 1878 -- North Star (d. San Francisco - a. Europe)MS-335 b1f10
Crew List - Nov. 29, 1873 -- North Star (d. San Francisco - a. Liverpool)MS-335 b1f10
General Account - July 1, 1877 -- North Star (d. Cardiff )MS-335 b1f12
Hospital Money Returns - June 7, 1877 -- North Star (d. San Francisco Jan. 19, 1875 - a. Liverpool July 10, 1875)MS-335 b1f11
Hospital Money Returns - Aug. 17, 1875 -- North Star ( )MS-335 b1f11
Hospital Money Returns - July 16, 1877 -- North Star (d. Aug. 19, 1875 - a. Cardiff July 16, 1877)MS-335 b1f11
Hospital Money Returns - Aug. 11, 1877 -- North Star (d. Cardiff Aug. 11, 1877 - a. Hong Kong Mar. 9, 1878)MS-335 b1f11
Receipt - Nov. 30, 1872 -- North Star ( - a. New Orleans)MS-335 b1f7


VoyageVoyage TypeCaptain
North Star ( - a. New Orleans)MerchantOwen
North Star (d. Cardiff - a. Rio de Janeiro)MerchantThompson
North Star (d. San Francisco - a. Europe)MerchantThompson
North Star (d. San Francisco - a. Liverpool)MerchantThompson
North Star (d. San Francisco Jan. 19, 1875 - a. Liverpool July 10, 1875)MerchantThompson
North Star ( )MerchantThompson
North Star (d. Aug. 19, 1875 - a. Cardiff July 16, 1877)MerchantThompson
North Star (d. Cardiff Aug. 11, 1877 - a. Hong Kong Mar. 9, 1878)MerchantThompson
North Star (d. Cardiff )Merchant

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