Maine Maritime Museum


Rig/class: Bark
Year Built: 1854
Official Number: 23528




NameYear of BirthBirthplaceResidenceCitizenship
Adams, Joshua
Allen, Henry
Allen, Henry
Antonio, Thomas
Antony, Normen
Arnold, James
Arnold, James
Arnold, James
Baxlet, Henry
Benfield, A.
Berges, Henry
Burcelle, Arnold J.
Burger, Alex
Burger, Alexander
Davidson, John
Dergen, Henry 1848
Dillon, Wm.
Dillon, Wm.
Dorsey, James
Dunn, John
English, George M.
English, George W.
Fermage, Anthony
Fitzpatrick, A.
Fitzpatrick, Albert
Garbrett, Charles
Gilfilen, Normen
Gill, John
Gill, John
Gouch, Edwin
Hart, Martin
Hart, Martin
Heworg, George W.
Hoodman, Thomas
Johnson, Daniel
Johnson, John
Kelley, Edward
Kelley, John A.
Kensele, D.
Kinseil, D.
Magagan, James
Mahegan, James
Manning, Nicholas
Manning, Thos.
Mason, Micliacet
Mason, William G.
Mason, Wm. G.
Menuel, Allen
Menuel, Henry
Monier, Alex
Monies, Alexander
Morisey, James
Morsey, James 1833
Murray, W. 1829
Murray, William
Murrey, Millard
Nelson, Peter
Niblock, Alexander
Nilpork, Alexander
Nionison, F. C.
Nolan, James 1842
Nolan, Las.
Normson, William
OHare, Peter
Peabody, Sylverster
Peabody, Sylvester
Peterson, Charles
Peterson, Peter
Peterson, Peter
Potter, David
Quinn, Nicholas
Raymond, L. 1835
Raymond, Lewis
Raymond, Lewis
Reed, Robert
Richard, Thos.
Ricoto, Joseph
Ringlo, D. 1844
Roberts, Nomes
Roberts, Thos.
Roberts, Y. 1837
Smith, James
Smith, John 1844
Smith, John
Smith, William
Smith, Wm.
Thomson, F. W.
Todd, G. W.
Todd, J. W.
Turnbull, Thomas
White, Henry
White, Henry
Whitney, Samuel
Williams, James 1840
Williams, Tarus
Wilson, Samuel
Wirt, Joseph
Woodman, Thomas
Zeamau, Peins


Articles of Agreement - ?? -- Sitka (d. Cardiff - a. New Orleans)MS-343 b1f14
Consul Document - Nov. 25, 1869 -- Sitka (d. Cardiff Nov. 25, 1869 - a. New Orleans Feb. 2, 1870)MS-343 b1f14
Letter - July 26, 1871 -- Sitka (d. Liverpool - a. New Orleans)MS-343 b1f13
Portage Bill - July 18, 1870 -- Sitka (d. Liverpool July 18, 1870 - a. New Orleans Sept. 24, 1870)MS-343 b1f11
Portage Bill - June 7, 1869 -- Sitka (d. Cardiff - a. New Orleans)MS-343 b1f15
Portage Bill - Feb. 7, 1870 -- Sitka ( - a. New Orleans)MS-343 b1f15


VoyageVoyage TypeCaptain
Sitka (d. Liverpool July 18, 1870 - a. New Orleans Sept. 24, 1870)MerchantWalker
Sitka (d. Liverpool - a. New Orleans)MerchantWalker
Sitka (d. Cardiff Nov. 25, 1869 - a. New Orleans Feb. 2, 1870)MerchantWalker
Sitka (d. Cardiff - a. New Orleans)MerchantWalker
Sitka (d. Cardiff - a. New Orleans)MerchantWalker
Sitka ( - a. New Orleans)MerchantWalker

The information given in this database is entered here as it is on the document or documents in the Maine Maritime Museum collections. The spelling of the mariner’s name may be wrong, the arithmetic may be wrong, and some descriptions may be thoughtless or not politically correct, but they are shown as found. We have attempted to standardize the names and descriptions of vessels and the spelling of place names. We have tried to include in notes fields important information that does not fit in the standard fields.