Maine Maritime Museum

Olive S. Southard (d. Cardiff Sept. 18, 1873 - a. Akyab Apr. 30, 1874)

Vessel: Olive S. Southard
Voyage Type: Merchant
Departure Date: Sept. 18, 1873
Arrival Date: April 30, 1874
Port of Departure: Cardiff, Wales
Port of Arrival: Akyab, India
Captain: Walker




NameYear of BirthBirthplaceResidenceCitizenship
Ammidy, Wm. August
Beoman, Bernard
Brown, Ed
Brown, Nilson
Byen, John
Campbell, John
Coogrool, Louis
Danton, Arthur
Davis, Sam
Edwards, Charles
Flux, William
Givianni, Jacob
Hill, William
Joseph, Victor
Luther, Walter
Luyis, Francis
Lyons, John
Manuel, Moses
Olsen, John
Peabody, Charles
Pensons, Scott
Peters, Jos.
Phillips, John
Richardson, Wm.
Roberts, George
Saunders, Daniel B.
Shephard, John
Velonlo, A.
Wilson, Daniel


Portage Bill - Sept. 18, 1873 -- Olive S. Southard (d. Cardiff Sept. 18, 1873 - a. Akyab Apr. 30, 1874)MS-343 b3f4

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