Maine Maritime Museum

Ivy (d. New York - a. San Francisco)

Vessel: Ivy
Voyage Type: Merchant
Departure Date:
Arrival Date:
Port of Departure: New York, NY - USA
Port of Arrival: San Francisco, CA - USA
Captain: A. J. Lowell




NameYear of BirthBirthplaceResidenceCitizenship
Agollah, John
Andersen, Andrew
Anderson, George
Barry, Thomas
Bradowitch, George
Brown, Wm.
Chillen, John
Colne, Joseph
Courage, Abel
Dahl, John
Foo, Ah
Francis, John
Gainsfort, James
Giffert, L.
Gorham, James E.
Graeme, E. R.
Green, Henry
Greve, A.
Grin, K. N.
Henshaw, Herbert A.
Herold, August
Hodges, George
Hofenberg, August
Hohn, Charles
Hurbed, Mals
Jansen, K. E.
John, Carl
Johnson, Charles
Johnson, John
Kierulff, C.
Lennox, J.
Livala, E. O.
Lum, Ah
Marks, Peter
McClennen, K.
Misala, Karl
Mon, James
Morales, E.
Nielsen, Neil
O'Reilly, James B.
Osmundsen, Erling
Perez, Peter
Peter, John
Petersen, Olaf
Peterson, Aug.
Powell, William
Reed, W.
Sechtenberger, Karl
Silva, Frank
Smith, John
Smith, R. R.
Sprague, Willis G.
Thompson, Arthur
Torgehear, Andras
Walker, Dan'l
Welsh, Ed
Westphalen, C.
White, James
Williams , Frank
Williams, Horace G.
Williams, James 1840
Woodbery, William
Young, Oren


Portage Bill - June 10, 1877 -- Ivy (d. New York - a. San Francisco)MS-90 b104f7
Portage Bill - Nov. 7, 1878 -- Ivy (d. New York - a. San Francisco)MS-90 b104f7
Portage Bill - Dec. 13, 1880 -- Ivy (d. New York - a. San Francisco)MS-90 b104f7

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