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Alice M. Minott (d. San Francisco June 25, 1869 - a. Baltimore Apr. 30, 1869)

Vessel: Alice M. Minott
Voyage Type: Merchant
Departure Date: June 25, 1869
Arrival Date: April 30, 1869
Port of Departure: San Francisco, CA - USA
Port of Arrival: Baltimore, MD - USA
Captain: Lowell


Voyage from San Francisco to "Callao [last letter uncertain] thence to one or more ports or islands in the South Pacific ... thence to Hampton roads for orders and finally to a port of discharge in the United States. Term of time eighteen calendar months..."


NameYear of BirthBirthplaceResidenceCitizenship
Adams, William 1844England
Avery, John 1847Baltimore, MD - USA
Bielenberg, John D.1841Hamburg, Germany
Boinie, I (?) 1839Scotland
Briggs, John 1835Philadelphia, PA - USA
Brown, Ch. 1839Denmark
Brown, Thomas 1847Russia, Russia
Brown, William 1844Liverpool, England
Dagget, Benj F1851Massachusetts, USA
Forberger, T A1827New York, USA
Garvan, Geo 1851New York, USA
Gray, James H1847Boston, MA - USA
Herrick, Reubin 1838Maine
Keith, Fairfax 1844Connecticut, CT - USA
Killiard, George 1838New Rochelle, NY - USA
Lloyd, Thomas John1852England
Lowell, A. J.1840MainePhippsburg, ME - USAUSA
McDougall, John 1844Jamaica, Jamaica
Montfort, J H1839New York, USA
Munos, Jose 1848Chile, Chile
Murray, J H1835New York, USA
OMallay, Martin 1838England
Rosech, G 1838New York, USA
Rydberg, A 1850Sweden


Articles of Agreement - June 8, 1869 -- Alice M. Minott (d. San Francisco June 25, 1869 - a. Baltimore Apr. 30, 1869)MS-90 b42f13

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