Maine Maritime Museum

Merom (d. New York - a. Liverpool)

Vessel: Merom
Voyage Type: Merchant
Departure Date:
Arrival Date:
Port of Departure: New York, NY - USA
Port of Arrival: Liverpool, England
Captain: John S. Lowell




NameYear of BirthBirthplaceResidenceCitizenship
Adams, Henry 1843New York, USA
Bailey, Walter 1844New York, USA
Ballard, H. B.1848Maine
Borchents, H. 1840New York, USA
Burt, William E.1845New York, USA
Cary, Joseph 1838New York, USA
Coster, Albert 1846New York, USA
Hayes, Joe 1848New York, USA
Henry, Samuel 1851New York, USA
Holmes, George 1833Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Jordan, Thomas 1847New York, USA
Larrabee, George H.1836Maine
McKinley, George 1841New York, USA
Potter, John H.1851Maine
Robinson, G. H.1846England
Septins, Demetra 1847New York, USA
Small, John 1844New York, USA
Sprague, James B.1847Maine
William, Charles 1843New York, USA
Wording, William H.1830New York, USA


Articles of Agreement - Oct. 9, 1871 -- Merom (d. New York - a. Liverpool)MS-90 b134f2

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