Museum tribute to honor Dodge Morgan, America's first solo, nonstop circumnavigator

August 16, 2011

BATH, Maine – On April 11, 1986, Dodge Morgan, who had chosen to become a resident of Maine, sailed his 60-foot boat American Promise into the harbor of St. George’s, Bermuda, 150 days from the date he had set out from the same port. The event marked the first time that an American had sailed solo around the world nonstop.  Most remarkably, Morgan had accomplished the feat in only 150 days, almost slashing in half the previous record of 292 days, and even besting his optimistic goal of a 220-day voyage.

On August 21, 2011, Maine Maritime Museum will commemorate the 25th anniversary of that significant event and pay tribute to the remarkable individual whose dream it was to accomplish it. Sadly, Dodge Morgan passed away on September 14 last year, following complications from cancer.

The tribute will be held at the Portland Company complex on Fore Street in Portland.  It will begin at 4 p.m. with a screening of “Around Alone” the documentary film that followed Morgan during his epic journey and was a featured program on the PBS program “Adventure.” The 57-minute film was produced from more than nine hours of film that had been shot by six cameras mounted on the boat, three topside and three below decks.

Following the screening, members of the circumnavigation team and those whom Dodge Morgan inspired will share their reflections of both the man and his voyage.

Morgan’s only companion on the voyage, his boat American Promise, will be dockside for tours. After the voyage the boat spent twenty years as a sail training vessel for the United States Naval Academy before becoming the mother ship for the Rozalia Project focused on ridding the oceans of plastic debris.

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