Half-Model Estella Sloop

Half-Model Estella Sloop


EXTRA SHIPPING FEES APPLY FOR THIS ITEM -- PLEASE CONTACT US. R.E. McLain, of Bremen Long Island, Maine, built the original Estella A in 1904 for H.J. Ames. Ames, a Matinicus, Maine, lobsterman, named the vessel for his daughter, Mrs. Julia Estella Ames Ripley. The Estella A worked in Maine waters for nearly 30 years, before being sold to a Rhode Island yachtsman, who altered the boat for his purposes. Own an outstanding half-model of this classic Maine vessel. This particular half-model was built in the Museum's own boatshop by our dedicated volunteers using the lines of the original Estella A. (Backboard dimensions 32"L x 10 1/2" W) Click on image to see full picture of model. Although considered a nautical art form today, prior to the advent of drafting boards and computers, half hull models were traditionally handcrafted by shipwrights as three dimensional wooden shapes-done to scale- of planned hull designs that could be picked up, viewed from any angle and once perfected, passed on to other builders. Models are made from laminated layers of wood or “lifts”, and then hand carved to shape using custom made templates derived from vessel line drawings found in the museum archives. They’re handcrafted mostly from locally harvested woods such as pine for the painted half hulls and bass wood for the varnished ones. It’s time consuming and labor intensive to replicate a vessel’s profile in wood, but immensely satisfying for the craftsman.

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