2016 Boat Raffle Ticket (Single)

2016 Boat Raffle Ticket (Single) 2016 Boat Raffle Ticket (Single) 2016 Boat Raffle Ticket (Single)


This 14-foot Whitehall style pulling boat was built in the Maine Maritime Museum’s Boatshop. Built of Atlantic cedar planking on oak frames with pine thwarts and 56" beam, this boat will be a pleasure to row. Whitehall boats were used as working craft in the 19th century. Efficiency was critical in these human-powered craft, so they evolved easily driven hull shapes. Working watermen weren’t immune to good looks, either, so these “livery boats” were often beautiful. The most famous of the type, the “Whitehall” boats of New England, are still considered a touchstone of small craft elegance. Specifications: - Cedar on oak - copper & bronze fasteners - L.O.A: 14' 2" - Beam: 4'8" - Draft: 6" Weight: approx. 175 lbs. The drawing will be held on October 11, 2016. Proceeds from this raffle will support the museum's Discovery Boatbuilding Program in which seventh and eighth-grade students from two schools in Midcoast Maine learn traditional wooden boatbuilding techniques.

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