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The schooner Wyoming was the largest wooden sailing vessel ever built in the United States. At more than 450 feet sparred length, she was the pride of the Percy & Small shipyard in Bath, Maine, which built more than 40 large sailing ships during its operation from 1894 until 1920. The beautiful six mast Wyoming took less than nine months to complete, and was launched on December 15, 1909. Primarily used to transport coal from the mid-Atlantic states to the industrial cities in the North, Wyoming proved to be a capable and profitable ship. After seven years of service for Percy & Small, she was purchased and used to transport goods to Europe during World War I. After the war, she was again sold and returned to her Atlantic Coast transport routine. In early March 1924 Wyoming was lost with all hands in a gale off Nantucket Shoals. The Percy & Small historic shipyard site on the Kennebec River remains nearly intact today and is part of Maine Maritime Museum. The original buildings are open and filled with informative displays describing how the magnificent great schooners, like Wyoming, were built. Also on the museum campus is a huge evocation of Wyoming, which is the largest outdoor sculpture in New England.

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