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Maine Maritime Museum was founded in 1962 by people interested in preserving and promoting Maine's rich maritime history. Since then, hundreds of volunteers have contributed to the museum's success.

You, too, can help maintain a significant part of Maine's history by becoming part of our volunteer crew and discovering:


A sense of accomplishment...

As a nonprofit organization, the museum depends on its volunteers for daily operations and special projects. Annually, museum volunteers contribute over $500,000 worth of their time, skills and talents. Thanks to their dedication and pride, we've become a renowned institution in the field of maritime history, and the only institution in Maine to earn the Preserve America Steward designation.

A sense of community...

As a Maine Maritime Museum volunteer, you will be able to work with others who share your interest in preserving Maine's maritime culture and heritage. Even those not interested in maritime history will be surprised at the variety of volunteer positions we offer--there truly is something for everyone! And along the way, you will experience a sense of camaraderie and community spirit that has lured people to this museum for over 50 years.

A sense of fulfillment...

Whether interacting with the public or working behind-the-scenes, our volunteers are invaluable to the museum's success. Throughout the year, volunteers are invited to join in special events such as receptions, dinners, and cruises that celebrate their contributions. Volunteers who donate at least 15 hours of their time are also eligible for a complimentary membership and other exclusive benefits. All this, plus the feel-good feeling you get from helping Maine Maritime Museum preserve, share and celebrate our rich maritime history.



"Everything is so interesting. The knowledge of the volunteers is so captivating. Love it! "

Visitor log, 2017

Whether you are behind the scenes or working on the front lines with visitors, Maine Maritime Museum provides introductory and annual training to give our volunteer staff all the tools they need. Training sessions are held every April-May before the start of our busy summer season.

We hope you will join our loyal and talented volunteer corps!

Ready to get started? Here's how:


Questions? Contact the Volunteer Office directly by e-mail or call (207) 443-1316 ext. 350 today--we look forward to having you on board!

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