Fall Cruise Schedule

Fall is a great time to cruise the Kennebec!

Our lower deck is fully enclosed and heated for comfortable cruising on cool fall days!

Fall Cruises for 2017 (September 5 through October 29) 


Shipyards & Lighthouses Cruise  (1 hour) - Daily at 12 pm; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday at 2 pm

Explore the lower Kennebec River where American shipbuilding began more than 400 years ago and continues today. Cruise up to Bath Iron Works and see spectacular views of the Navy's most advanced ships including the Zumwalt-class destroyers. Cruise downriver to enjoy a water view of the museum's historic Percy & Small Shipyard with its life-sized evocation of the schooner Wyoming. Further down river, you'll see two of the Kennebec River's famed lighthouses: Doubling Point Light and the Kennebec Range Lights.
Members $27; nonmembers $34; 6 to 12 years $18.50; under 6 $5 (Fees include museum admission.)

Wildlife of Merrymeeting Bay (3 hours) - Thursday at 2 pm 
Merrymeeting Bay is a unique confluence of six Maine rivers converging to form a truly rare ecosystem. The bay is one of the best places in the state to view bald eagles and migrating waterfowl. The unique flora and abundant wildlife create stunning backdrops and mystical views so make sure to bring a camera. This program is made possible thanks to the sponsorship of the Merrymeeting Bay Trust.
Members $36; nonmembers $45; 6 to 12 years $29; under 6 $5  (Fees include museum admission.)

Kennebec River Lights Cruise (2 hours) - Saturday at 2 pm
The Kennebec Historic Waterway features some of Maine's mosdt beautiful (and photopraphed) lighthouses. On this cruise you will see six lighthouses: Doubling Point Light, Kennebec Range Lights, Squirrel Point Light, Perkins Island Light, Pond Island Light, and Seguin Island Light.
Members $32; nonmembers $40; 6 to 12 years $26; under 6 $5  (Fees include museum admission.)              

Lighthouse Legends and Lore (3.5 hours) - Sunday at 2 pm 
Explore the legends and lore of Midcoast Maine's lighthouses including a shore landing at the historic Burnt Island Light. Your adventure will be guided by Red Cloak Haunted History Tours. Up to six lighthouses can be seen, depending on weather and sea conditions, including Doubling Point Light, Hendrick's Head, Seguin Island Light (from afar), Ram Island Light, and the Cuckolds. The shore landing will include an up-close look at the keeper's house and the Burnt Island Light Tower.
Members $52; nonmembers $65; 6 to 12 years $42; under 6 $5 

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