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Despite this year’s unexpected challenges, Maine Maritime Museum pulled together to change course and  develop creative ways to navigate this new reality. Generous donors like you helped the museum start 2020 with free admission  for the entire months of January and February, and thousands of families visited before the museum closed from mid-March to June.

The First Impressions project, a complete redesign of the museum’s arrival space, improved visitor accessibility and created engaging new ways to explore the ecology of the Kennebec River.

Follow the links below for highlights from this year!

Compass Circle

Unrestricted annual giving of $1,000 or more

Cumulative giving, August 1, 2019 to October 5, 2020

True North – $10,000 and up

Paul and Kathy Anderson


Geoffrey and Lindsay Alexander

Elizabeth M. Barker

Laura Burns and Tom Tiller

The Edgard and Geraldine Feder Foundation

The Hodgkins Family Fund, Inc.

Susie Konkel

Selina F. Little

Elizabeth and Robert Nanovic

Bill and Mary Earl Rogers


Compass Rose – $5,000 to $9,999

John S. Brewer

Bill and Barbara Burgess

Walter and Elizabeth Cantrell

Stephen and Joanne Caulfield

Tom and Carroll Charlesworth

William and Sally Gemmill

Terry and Sally Gray

Karl and Joan Lauenstein

Richard and Doris Lemieux

Lincoln and Allison Paine

Susan and Jackson Parker

Marjorie D. Twombly

Ruth and Rupert White


Compass Rose – $3,000 to $4,999

Joseph and Irene Drago

Kristin Fletcher and Craig Sipe

William and Sally Haggett

Ray and Diane Hender

Glenn and Ellen Hutchinson

Amy and William Lent

Cabot and Heidi Lyman

Gerry W. Orem

Ford and Karen Reiche

Dana and Elizabeth Twombly

David and Sandra Weiss

Nancy A. Wilkes

$1,000 to $2,999

Paul and Mimi Aldrich

Dave Allan

Eric and Rosemary Anderson


Gregory and Donna Barmore

Roger and Constance Barras

Bonnie Beck

Robert Beck and Doreen Wright

Jeffrey Bennert

Christopher and Lydia Bouzaid

Ellen B. Browning

Ross and Barbara Burgess

Olivia Cawley and Chase Heuer

Nancy Rutledge Connery

Sally and Dennis Dale

Joanne Dauphinee

Peter Degnan

James and Sally DeMartini

John G. Dickerson and Karolina Adam

James and Joan Drake

Pat and Rebecca Gallery

Marjorie and Jeffrey Geiger

Maryon E. Goodell

Lisa M. Gorman

Peter and Harriette Griffin

Tom Hanson and Beth Kubik

Erik and Carrie Hayward

Rodger and Jillian Herrigel

Jeff Jacobs

Robert D. Kaltenborn

Henry R. Keene

David and Judith Kelly

Richard J. Kessler and Pamela M. Cox

John H. Kilbourne

Robert and Ruth Kingsbury

Elizabeth Kubiak and Christopher Seguin

Martin and Elizabeth Lakeman

Leonard and Betsy Langer

Michael and Rande May

Harold A. McInnes

Kevin and Sheila McManus

John and Elizabeth Morse

Matt and Nunie Patterson

Ricardo and Strand Quesada

Martha and David Reifschneider

John and Kathleen Reny

James and Michelle Rines

Lorraine D. Ring

William and Sondra Robb

Clifford and Susan Russell

Imelda Schaefer

Dugan and Lynn Shipway

H.C. Bowen Smith

Joan V. Smith

Meredith S.S. Smith

Gerald and Carol Stergio

Lila C. Stevens

Ray and Mary Swain

Elena D. Vandervoort

R. Walker

Craig and Jane Williams

Alan and Mary Wilson

Sally A. Wood

JB and Loren Wright

Thomas and Debrah Yale

John and Sheila Zittel


Current members at $250 level and up as of 10/13/2020

Downeaster – $1,000

Paul and Kathy Anderson

Philip C. Blauvelt

James and Sharon Butler

Jacqueline Fawcett

Gary L. Foster

Roger Grayson

William and Sandra Guild

John and Susan Hunt

Bruce and Joan Knight

Harry W. Konkel

Peter and Jody Larkin

Gerry W. Orem

John and Kathleen Reny

Bill and Mary Earl Rogers

Dennis and Patricia Ruppel

Richard and Judy Schleder

Jeffery H. Tarbox

Henry and Ingrid Thomas

Richard Tucker and Patricia Smith

Marjorie D. Twombly

Elena D. Vandervoort

William and Patty Zimmerman

Shipwright – $500

John and Nancy Abbott

Paul and Mimi Aldrich

Elizabeth and Ellison Berns

Elizabeth V. Dean

Daniel and Grace Evans

Gayle Farris

Michael and Betsy Fear

Sara T. Graves

James and Mary Gribbel

James M. Haddock and Kathryn R. Kenyon

David and Patricia Hayward

Nathan and Helen Hazen

William and Phyllis Howard

Timothy and Joan Ingraham

David and Judith Kelly

Charles Wilson Kipp and Diane E. Kipp

Doug and Ann Kohring

Elizabeth and Gary Kollmorgen

Betsy Krementz

Amy and William Lent

Peter and Susan North

David and Susan Patton

John and Mathilde Rothwell

Richard A. Russack

Mary Minor Smith

Lila C. Stevens

William and Maureen Stewart

Paul and Chandler Tagliabue

Bruce and Joan Washburn

Alan and Mary Wilson

Patron – $250

Greger and Peggy Anderson

David and Nancy Barney

Ronald C. Beard and Lillian Beard Harley

Christopher and Lydia Bouzaid

James and Barbara Collins

Madeleine Corson

Peter and Susan Dublin

Christopher Dumaine

John and Karen Dunn

Jon H. Edwards and Nancy J. Fox

Gary C. Favreau

Christopher and Jane Flower

John and Laverne Frederick

Frank and Nancy Goodwin

James and Helen Graves

Chris and Sarah Hall

Malcolm C. Hamilton

Wayne C. Hamilton

Robert and Margery Healing

Robert and Jean Jacobs

Mark and Susan Klopp

Leonard and Betsy Langer

Steven and Lori Leveen

John P. Lichter and Kathleen A. Claerr

Ed and Barbara Lovely

Lane and Mary Ann Mabbett

Chris and Roz Magnuson

John D. Mahon and JoAnn M. Mican

Darcy Marentette

Martha F.H. Mayo

Robert and Constance McChesney

Antoinette L. Mercadante

Helen A. Norton

Russell and Wendy Orms

Richard and Barbara Parsons

Matt and Nunie Patterson

Harry S. Precourt and Arline E. Vogel

Kittie Woodman Richards

William and Sondra Robb

Timothy and Maren Robinson

Walter H. Russell

Luis B. Santana and Scott Budde

David A. Schwartz and Jane E. Price

Phil and Pat Shannon

Christopher and Susan Smith

David B. Soule and Patricia J. O’Reilly

Peter and Ariel Speicher

Ron Sullivan and Susan Shattuck

Thomas A. Tarpey and C.C. King

John and Marielynn Towers

Bob and Sharon Trabona

Tom and Beth Volpe

Katharine J. Watson

Peter White and Marilyn Reed

Ellen and Christopher Whiting

Nancy A. Wilkes

David and Susan Wilson

David and Paula Wood

John and Sheila Zittel

Ruth and Robert Zollinger

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