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Research FAQs

How do I find things in the museum’s library?

Besides the regular library online catalog, (select ME Maritime Mus (Bath)) there is a Research Manual, the Ship Data Index, the Maine Captains Index, the Guide to Manuscript Collections, the Guide to Photograph Collections, a computer index (Manscat), and many manuscript collection inventories, which will help you in the use of the Library’s collections.

How do I get publication rights?

Please contact the library for information about obtaining publishing rights for photographs and other archival items.

May I take information from the library home?

The library does not lend material. Everything must be used in the reading room or copied. For preservation reasons, this is a closed-stack library; staff will bring material that you select from the catalogs and other finding aids. Users of the library must agree to abide by the posted rules, which are designed for the long-term preservation of the collections.

Can I get copies of ship and boat plans?

We can arrange for copies of any plans in the collection that are not too fragile to be handled. We do not have the whole collection cataloged yet, but there is a partial listing with ordering information. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact the library staff.

When is the library open?

The library is currently open by appointment only. Please call (207) 443-1316 ext. 336 or email library@maritimeme.org

Does it cost anything to use the library?

Members, students, representatives of the press, and other museums or historical societies are not charged; others must pay regular museum admission, or pay $20/hour for mail or e-mail responses that take longer than 15 minutes.

How can I pay for photographs, plans, or research services?

Mail a check to Maine Maritime Museum, 243 Washington Street, Bath, ME 04530, Attn: Library. To pay by credit card, call (207) 443-1316 ext. 336 to provide your credit card information to the library staff.

Can I get crew lists of a particular voyage from MMM?

We do have some crew lists, but many voyages did not require crew lists to be made, and many crew lists do not survive. Feel free to ask us, but prepare yourself for disappointment. Many crew lists can be found at the National Archives or at a National Archives Regional Repository.

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