OPEN DAILY 9:30 to 5

Empty Hand, Empty Brush: A Calligraphy Workshop

Maine Maritime Museum 243 Washington St, Bath

Countless mariners sailed on Bath-built ships around the world including trips through Asia. They returned with items of cultural significance to display in their homes, to give as gifts and to commemorate their adventures, thus introducing Eastern art forms such as traditional calligraphy in the west. We will explore how this has continued to evolve and merge with contemporary art concepts into exciting and dynamic new forms. This workshop will demonstrate how East-West calligraphy is a type of meditation and also a discipline in centering--starting from the correct postural alignment of the spine, to preparing calligraphic ink, holding the brush correctly as an extension of the arm and executing brush strokes in oneness. Learn how to sense your internal energy through Qi-Gong and Tai Chi exercises and apply this awareness to free-flowing calligraphic art, besides demonstrating traditional Eastern calligraphic paintings. This workshop offers a unique opportunity to integrate mindfulness and creative expression. Experienced artists and beginners welcome! For those who wish to do brush work during the workshop, rice paper, brushes, ink stone and sticks are available for an additional modest fee. For materials please contact the artist at kichunglizee9@gmail.com. This is an in-person event in Maine Maritime Museum's Long Reach Hall.  

Maine Maritime Museum