OPEN DAILY 9:30 to 5

STEAMbox Family Workshop: A Sailor’s Pastime: Scrimshaw/Knot Tying

Maine Maritime Museum 243 Washington St, Bath, ME

Being a sailor involved living at sea for years at a time. While it was adventurous and exciting, there could also be times of stillness. Whalers might have gone months without seeing a whales or port. So, what would a sailor do with all of that downtime? Come learn about a sailor’s life on the boats that sailed the world. Try your hand at carving scrimshaw or learning to tie knots.

STEAMbox Family Workshop: How do Ships Float?!

Maine Maritime Museum 243 Washington St, Bath, ME

Ever wonder how the 6 mast, 450ft Wyoming boat kept afloat while carrying 6,000 tons of coal? Join us as we learn about and experiment with concepts such as density, buoyancy and displacement. Then, test your knowledge as you create a boat and see how much weight it can carry and still float!

STEAMbox Family Workshop: Plankton! Oceans’ Tiny Creatures

Maine Maritime Museum 243 Washington St, Bath, ME

Come explore the microscopic world of plankton. The basis of our food web and responsible, in part, for the air we breathe, these microscopic organisms can be found in the waters of the Kennebec. Learn how to collect them and find them under a microscope. Then, use your knowledge to create you own plankton model in a race to the bottom.

Maine Maritime Museum