OPEN DAILY 9:30 to 5

Cashes Ledge: Maine’s Lost World

Maine Maritime Museum 243 Washington St, Bath, ME

This lecture will provide deep insight into Dr. Steneck’s extensive research on Cashes Ledge in the Gulf of Maine, which, when he observed it, was as close to Maine’s pristine ecosystem prior to European arrival as one could find. Learn how Cashes Ledge, a nutrient-rich ecosystem 80 miles off the Maine coast, has survived when many other marine ecosystems suffer the effects of warming waters and human activity.

SeaChange: Artist Talk from the Gulf of Maine EcoArts Creative Team

Maine Maritime Museum 243 Washington St, Bath, ME

The creative team behind the Gulf of Maine EcoArts and the designers of the SeaChange exhibit will introduce their artistic inspirations and collaborative process using the arts to advocate for ocean conservation. Take a behind-the-scenes look at how this immersive exhibit was created and the impact the artists hope it achieves. 

STEAMbox Family Workshop: How do Ships Float?!

Maine Maritime Museum 243 Washington St, Bath, ME

Ever wonder how the 6 mast, 450ft Wyoming boat kept afloat while carrying 6,000 tons of coal? Join us as we learn about and experiment with concepts such as density, buoyancy and displacement. Then, test your knowledge as you create a boat and see how much weight it can carry and still float!

Maine Maritime Museum