OPEN DAILY 9:30 to 5

Lecture: Investigating Authenticity, South Asian Export Art

Maine Maritime Museum 243 Washington St, Bath, ME

This talk examines the flexible definition (and boundaries) of "India" throughout the centuries, as well as the complexities associated with authenticity. This relates both to the long legacy of forgeries and fakes produced in South Asia, as well as the problems inherent in Western collectors' ambitions to acquire authentic portrayals of the region and its peoples. These issues all beg the question of how best to categorize objects that, from their origin and by their nature, belie simple classification.

Coal and Ice: Shoshannah White Artist Talk

Maine Maritime Museum 243 Washington St, Bath, ME

Join Shoshannah White, featured artist in the Uncharted: Maine Artists, Maine Waters exhibition series, as she delves into her inspirations and creative process behind her Strata photograms.

Lecture: Photographing the Scenic Coast of Maine with Benjamin Williamson

Maine Maritime Museum 243 Washington St, Bath, ME

Bath resident and professional photographer Benjamin Williamson will share a variety of images, mostly local scenes, and the stories behind them. A lifelong fascination with weather and nature combined with a keen interest in man-made landscapes and human stories have resulted in a catalog of images that capture Maine at its most beautiful, sometimes terribly so. His photos have graced the covers and pages of many issues of Down East Magazine, where he was the photo editor and staff photographer for the last 6 years.

Boatshop Workshop: Building a Fireside Stool

Maine Maritime Museum 243 Washington St, Bath, ME

This solid three-legged pine stool has no fasteners and is held together only with tight joinery (and a lick of wood glue). It is perfect for sitting by the fire, working in the home shop, or as a perch for your cat. No woodworking experience is necessary to build this beautiful and functional work of art -- over 200 have been built by our 5th to 8th-grade boatbuilding students. November 9 & 10, 5-8pm Cost: members $93; nonmembers $113

Maine Maritime Museum