OPEN DAILY 9:30 to 5

The Malaga Ship Story: A Performance by Antonio Rocha, Storyteller

Maine Maritime Museum 243 Washington St, Bath, ME

The Malaga Ship story is a tour de force performance by award-winning, and world-renowned storyteller Antonio Rocha. Using his entire body and voice, Antonio sings, dances, narrates, and mimes his way through this poetically toned historical tale.

The Malaga was a 183 ton brig that was built in Brunswick, Maine by Joseph Badger in 1832.

It did not take many years for the ship to find itself bought and sold into the slave trade, which was already illegal across the Atlantic since 1808. However, African captives were in high demand because the plantation owners knew the end of slavery was nearing, and they needed the convenient trade to continue in order for them to secure their fortune.

Maine being a powerhouse in shipbuilding produced several ships that ended up in the trade. Malaga was one of them.

African American Maritime History in Maine

Maine Maritime Museum 243 Washington St, Bath, ME

A native of Portland and at least the eighth generation of his family to be born in Cumberland County, Bob Greene is a retired journalist and genealogist who has researched the Black history of his native state for years. He helped with the seminal work, “Maine’s Visible Black History, The First Chronicle of its People,” which was co-authored by H.H. Price and Gerald E. Talbot. Greene will expand our understanding of Maine’s maritime heritage to include Black contributions and histories that were always present but often overlooked. This event is FREE, but preregistration is required.


Virtual Lecture: Maine Seafaring Families and the Atlantic Slave Trade

Kate McMahon, a leading scholar in New England’s complicity in the Atlantic Slave Trade, will share her latest research that implicates Maine ship captains, shipbuilding families, and the direct and indirect ways Maine’s shipbuilding industry perpetuated an American economy built on stolen labor.


Zach Horn Artist Talk

Maine Maritime Museum 243 Washington St, Bath, ME

Learn about the creation of _Looking for Winslow Homer_ in this free artist talk.

Andrea Doria: A Famous Sea Disaster and a Survivor’s Story

Maine Maritime Museum 243 Washington St, Bath, ME

Julia Hansen survived the famous shipwreck of the transatlantic passenger vessel, Andrea Doria, in 1956. In addition to sharing the history of this passenger vessel, Julia will recount her personal story of being rescued at sea as a young girl and provide insights to the bygone era of Atlantic passenger travel. 

Lecture: Investigating Authenticity, South Asian Export Art

Maine Maritime Museum 243 Washington St, Bath, ME

This talk examines the flexible definition (and boundaries) of "India" throughout the centuries, as well as the complexities associated with authenticity. This relates both to the long legacy of forgeries and fakes produced in South Asia, as well as the problems inherent in Western collectors' ambitions to acquire authentic portrayals of the region and its peoples. These issues all beg the question of how best to categorize objects that, from their origin and by their nature, belie simple classification.

Coal and Ice: Shoshannah White Artist Talk

Maine Maritime Museum 243 Washington St, Bath, ME

Join Shoshannah White, featured artist in the Uncharted: Maine Artists, Maine Waters exhibition series, as she delves into her inspirations and creative process behind her Strata photograms.

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