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Unfurl: A Virtual Symposium for Undertold Maritime Voices

Maritime history and culture is rich and complex; preserved and interpreted by many prominent collecting and cultural institutions across the globe. And yet, the stories of Black mariners, the changing environment, and the indigenous peoples on whose land these institutions occupy are simultaneously rich and underrepresented. These vital stories better contextualize the present day and provide avenues for additional scholarship and research into our shared maritime heritage. As one step toward telling more inclusive stories, Maine Maritime Museum has organized an online symposium as a platform for scholars to share their work on these important topics. Invited speakers investigate and give voice to these undertold maritime stories that advance our socio-political, environmental, and economic understanding of the maritime world, past and present. Speakers include: Chris Newell, director of education, Akomawt Educational Initiative; former director of the Abbe Museum Kim Long, founding commissioner for the National Accrediting Commission for Diversity and Inclusion Chris Timm, interim executive director, Maine Maritime Museum 2:30-4:30 pm - Presentations, panel, and Q&A This online event is FREE with a suggested minimum donation of $10. Thank you for supporting Maine Maritime Museum !

Free - $500.00
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