Tiny Maritime

Maritime culture is as vast as the oceans that define it. Maine’s maritime history alone reaches all corners of the high seas, as Maine-built ships traveled around the globe from the South Pacific to the Arctic Ocean. The symbols of … Read more

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The Frozen Kingdom: Commerce & Pleasure in the Maine Winter

The brutal Maine winter has provided the natural resources and setting to create industries and pastimes, from ice harvesting to ice boating. Kennebec River ice was hawked as the premier grade from Queens to Cuba. The same harsh winters that … Read more

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Maritime Music

Music and the sea play in harmony. Shanties help synchronize the efforts of a ship’s crew. Patriotic marches promote commerce and the navy. Folk songs tell tales of shipwrecks and storms. This exhibit presents sheet music, instruments, and recordings that … Read more

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Charles Robert Patterson’s Henry B. Hyde

The accomplished marine painter Charles Robert Patterson painted a narrative series of four paintings of the Downeaster Henry B. Hyde. These paintings were commissioned by John Holmes Hyde—a man who had sold his family’s shipbuilding business—to decorate his Elmhurst … Read more

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Shipwrecks & Salvage

Wrecks and abandoned hulks of historic vessels dot the coast of Maine. Seventy-five years ago visible hulks like Wiscasset’s Hesper and Luther Little were a common sight.Twenty-five years ago they were a novelty. Now they are a rarity. This immersive … Read more

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Maine Maritime Museum Permanent Exhibit 01

A Maritime History of Maine

Our core exhibit gives the visitor a broad overview of Maine maritime history. Our core exhibit uses more than 240 objects to give the viewer a general idea of Maine maritime history. It focuses on the major themes of earning … Read more

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A Shipyard in Maine: Percy & Small and the Great Schooners

The Percy & Small Shipyard at Maine Maritime Museum is America’s only surviving shipyard site where large wooden sailing vessels were built. Maine Maritime Museum includes a unique historic site. Percy & Small is the only intact shipyard in the … Read more

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BIW: Building America’s Navy

Due to the ongoing First Impressions Project, this exhibit may temporarily only be accessed during The Bath Iron Works Story: By Land and Sea tour. New in 2018, this permanent exhibit, produced in collaboration with Bath Iron Works, provides … Read more

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Distant Lands of Palm and Spice: Maine Ships and Mariners in Deepwater Commerce

Distance Lands of Palm and Spice tells the story of how the small river city of Bath, Maine, impacted national and international trade during the 19th and early 20th centuries and how that trade impacted the culture of the city.… Read more

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Historic Boat Collection

MMM’s collection of small craft number more than 140 iconic Maine-built or Maine-related boats from a rare antique birchbark canoe to Andrew Wyeth’s Friendship sloop. The boats are housed in several buildings and included in various exhibits around the museum … Read more

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