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Featured Finds

Maine Maritime Museum is the steward of over 20,000 objects related to Maine’s maritime heritage and its direct global impact, from prehistory to the present. For the past year, these artifacts have benefitted from an Institute for Museum and Library Services: Museums for America grant to complete inventory, cataloging, and digitization activities. The project will provide the museum with substantially improved intellectual and physical control for more than 9,000 objects in our principal collection storage space, resulting in increased access and improved collection care. The funds cover expenses for imaging accessories, supplies and equipment for object handling and storage, and most importantly – the salaries of two Collection Specialists to complete these crucial behind-the-scenes tasks.


Thousands of new images, expanded descriptions, and subject tags have gradually been added to our collections database since last November. This improved online catalog increases remote access to the collections and expands awareness of the social, political, and cultural themes represented within our collections. Our museum can reach wider audiences and expand collaborative opportunities with educators and cultural heritage organizations.  This work will also allow researchers to more easily access what they need in our more robust and accommodating online database.

Featured Finds, now on view, is a new exhibition bringing together a selection of objects with some of the stories uncovered over the course of this project.

We are so excited to be doing this mission-critical work that provides a deeper appreciation and understanding of our fantastic collection!


Maine Maritime Museum