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Interwoven: Threads of Power in the Domestic Sphere

Weaving fork. Bobbin. Pinking scissors. These tools are the extension of any weaver, embroiderer, or seamstress’s hand; as familiar as an adze or auger to a shipbuilder.  As shipwrights applied their skill in the shipyard, another realm of power and influence operated in support of Maine’s maritime prowess – the domestic sphere. Social reputation in Maine’s age of sail was a critical component in the economic success among the leading shipbuilding families. When contracts and clients are on the line, an image of prestige crafted from the art of entertaining, fashion, and domestic decorum can make or break your business. This exhibit brings together fiber arts from the 19th century and today to trace the threads of power and change in gender roles and social norms in the domestic spaces of maritime Maine.

Featured Artists:

Barbara Burns, Crystal Cawley, Janet Conner, Kathleen Goddu, Jill Snyder-Wallace


This exhibit is part of the Donnell Family Forum, a series of exhibits, workshops, and lectures inspired by the lives of the Donnells, a 19th century family whose home is now a part of Maine Maritime Museum.


The Donnell Family Forum is sponsored by

Maine Maritime Museum