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Lobstering & the Maine Coast

Maine Maritime Museum recently completed a significant redesign and renovation of one of the museum’s major exhibitions – Lobstering & the Maine Coast. The exhibit is a thematic expansion and upgrade of the existing lobstering exhibit installed in 1985 in its own 6,200-square-foot, two-story building steps from the Kennebec River.

Much has changed in Maine’s lobstering industry in the last three decades, yet it remains a colorful and central part of both the coastal landscape and Maine’s fishing economy. In this major permanent exhibit redesign and update, interactive technology will help visitors explore lobster biology and ecology, boats and engines, and modern traps and processing equipment. A century of changes in lobster boat design is documented by examples from our historical working watercraft collection. The exhibit also portrays the increasingly complex roles of the modern lobsterman as harvester/scientist/business person, and the savvy needed to transport, market, and profit from a perishable seafood. With expertise from the Maine Lobsterman’s Association, University of Maine’s Darling Marine Center, the Gulf of Maine Research Institute and others, the new installation opened  July 26, 2015.

One of the most unique components of the exhibit is a display of buoys donated by lobstermen from up and down the coast. Using touch-screen kiosks, visitors can view photos and information correlating to each buoy, including the lobsterman’s name, location, boat name, and in some cases, personal stories gleaned from life on the water. The buoys, and the stories of the men and women who fish with them, will continue to be added to beyond the exhibit opening as an ongoing documentation of the lobster fishery. Lobstermen interested in donating a buoy can learn more here.



Exhibit Content Themes

Lobster, a story of the way we eat – blending history, technology, economics and marketing

Lobster, a lens on Maine – the history, culture, and geography of the Maine coast from which the lobster fishery has evolved

Lobster fishing – evolution of gear, technology and working patterns, effects on families and communities

Lobster science – marine biology, oceanography, ecology: new findings and the role of fishermen in today’s research

Lobster 101 – lobster facts, foibles, fables throughout history, folklore, and literature


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Davis Family Foundation

The Family of Lobsterman William E. Gatchell

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 Proudly supporting Maine’s lobster industry for more than 40 years



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