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Kindred Tides: The Gyotaku Artwork of Nate Garrett

“Kindred Tides” is an homage to the 30-year anniversary of the sister state relationship between Maine and Japan’s Aomori Prefecture. Featuring finely detailed gyotaku artwork, artist Nate Garrett invites viewers to discover the beauty of fish species native to the Gulf of Maine and the Sea of Japan. Nate’s masterful technique captures delicate scales, fins, and vibrant colors that bring to life schools of Striped Bass and Madai, Acadian Redfish, and Himachi, offering a window into the unseen world beneath the waves.

Maine-based artist Nate Garrett’s work is grounded in the tradition of gyotaku, or Japanese fish printing, and draws upon traditional and experimental subjects and printmaking techniques. Nate’s objective is to help the viewer connect with his artistic subjects in a personal way. Gyotaku provides both a stimulant – the subject – and a blank slate on which the viewer “paints” their own experience and memories. Stripped of environmental cues, the viewer gets to read their own experience into the subject.

“Kindred Tides” is a visual journey from Maine to Japan, a testament to the connections that transcend geographic boundaries and invites viewers to explore the marine species of two regions united by a shared maritime tradition.

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