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Introducing our STEAMbox Family Workshop 2022-23 Schedule

STEAMbox Returns for 2022-2023

Come join us for our STEAMbox program, where you will explore maritime topics through hands-on learning in STEM + the Arts. Create, build and problem solve to figure out how large ships are able to float, or how animals survive in the winter. Pulling from our collections and our surrounding environment, you will learn about sailors’ lives from long ago and how some of the smallest organism on our planet can have the biggest impact on our lives. STEAMbox programs are generously funded by First Federal Savings, allowing us to offer these family programs free to the public. All workshops are held on Saturdays from 10:30-12:00pm. All ages are welcome, content level is appropriate for ages 5+. Preregistration is required, and opens one month in advance.


October 22nd: Shipwreck Detectives 

Over 1,300 ships have wrecked off the coast of Maine, each with a story of danger, adventure, heroism, and tragedy. Explore our immersive “Shipwrecks and Salvage” exhibit to understand the technologies, risks, and preservation efforts involved in maritime archaeology, then dive into our historic shipyard to search for clues and solve the mystery of the wreck of an actual Maine Vessel. All ages welcome. 

November 19th: Maine Fish and Gyotaku Prints 

Maine has a long history of fishing from salmon and trout to whales and lobster. The fishing industry has evolved over the years and Maine has evolved with it. Come and learn about the fish that can be found from the Kennebec River to the Gulf of Maine and take part in a traditional printing technique from our sister town of Shariki, Japan. All ages welcome. 

December 10th: Log Books and Bookbinding 

Calling all future-captains and crew! Prepare for your future journeys by learning the importance of keeping a logbook to record your adventures. Take inspiration as you examine real logbooks from our museum collection and learn some bookmaking techniques to craft your own logbook from scratch. All ages welcome. 

January 21st: Winter Estuary Ecology Walk 

Frozen marshlands and snowy grounds make winter the best time to study, track and acquaint yourself with the remarkable animals of the Kennebec Estuary. Explore the most active sections of Maine Maritime Museum’s 20+ acre riverfront campus to identify, follow, and understand what animal tracks can tell us about this wildly diverse ecosystem. All ages welcome. This program will be hosted outside on museum grounds. Please wear appropriate winter gear.  

February 11th: A Sailor’s Pastime: Scrimshaw/Knot Tying

Being a sailor involved living at sea for years at a time. While it was adventurous and exciting, there could also be times of stillness. Whalers might have gone months without seeing a whales or port. So, what would a sailor do with all of that downtime? Come learn about a sailor’s life on the boats that sailed the world. Try your hand at carving scrimshaw or learning to tie knots. All ages welcome. 

March 18th: How do Ships Float?!

Ever wonder how the 6 mast, 450ft Wyoming boat kept afloat while carrying 6,000 tons of coal? Join us as we learn about and experiment with concepts such as density, buoyancy and displacement. Then, test your knowledge as you create a boat and see how much weight it can carry and still float! All ages welcome. 

April 22nd: Plankton: Oceans’ Tiny Creatures 

Come explore the microscopic world of plankton. The basis of our food web and responsible, in part, for the air we breathe, these microscopic organisms can be found in the waters of the Kennebec. Learn how to collect them and find them under a microscope. Then, use your knowledge to create you own plankton model in a race to the bottom. All ages welcome. 

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