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Maine Maritime Museum and the King Middle School in Portland, Maine developed an expeditionary program, called Winds of Change. King Middle School is a leader in expeditionary learning and has an award-winning Expeditionary Learning Program.

Expeditionary learning begins with a central question for students to explore, with the intention that their exploration, or expedition, including research and field work, will lead ultimately to the creation of some product as the end result. Not a busy-work product, but one that can be of genuine benefit to the end user. The Winds of Change theme was developed with the idea of investigate the concept of change – cultural, political, technical and beyond – utilizing the kaleidoscope of Maine’s maritime history as the focal point. The student’s end product was a series of brochures highlighting and explaining how change has occurred in Maine’s maritime world. Work on the project involved genuine research and the use of primary source documents to develop their case statements and positions.  Below are examples of the student’s end product that can be utilized by educators as a resource to foster classroom conversations regarding how change occurs and whether change is beneficial.

Support for Winds of Change was provided by Maine Community Foundation Rines / Thompson Fund  

Commercial Fishing Gear                          The Bessemer Process

Fishing Quotas                                           Global Positioning Systems

Magnuson-Stevens Act                              Global Positioning Systems II

United States Coast Guard

The Demand for Maine Lumber

If you are interested in developing an expeditionary learning opportunity for your students please contact the Museum’s Education Coordinator at

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