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“…the children loved it!” – Ms. Diana, teacher

“Thank you so much for a fun day!” – Miss Stephanie, teacher

“You made learning about shipbuilding really fun!” – Levey Day School Student

• Maine Maritime Museum education programs use experiential learning to create fun hands-on activities and outcomes that align with State of Maine Learning Results.

• The beauty of Maine Maritime Museum subject matter is the ability to address the content areas of both social studies and science & technology.

• Our programs can be applied to your day’s learning objectives, and are flexible enough to achieve performance benchmarks.

• Our new 6,220-square-foot lobster fishery exhibit, the 20-acre shipbuilding yard with original buildings, and a collection of over 20,000 artifacts allows us to do everything from “hauling” lobster traps, to exploring the area on our tour boat, to hand-augering treenail holes for a wooden vessel. We want students to have fun and gain useful knowledge through your Maine Maritime Museum experience.

• Our four major program topics have age-specific lesson plans, and have either a science & technology or social studies focus.

• At the conclusion of a tour or program, classes are welcome to explore the museum and grounds on a self-guided basis.

2018 / 2019 School Year Programs


Building a Wooden Vessel
Grades: 3-12
The last existing shipbuilding yard for massive wooden vessels in the United States is the perfect place to facilitate understanding of basic engineering challenges, the people who dealt with them, and the tools they used. Students gain knowledge of why this industry flourished because of Maine’s geography, the diversity of people who built these vessels, and how these methods of construction inform shipbuilding today at the Bath Iron Works. Activities include working as a team to build a wooden vessel model, the use of period tools such as augers to drill holes for foot-long wood trunnel nails, and caulking irons for sealing a hull.

Sailors at Sea
Grades: 1-6
Being a sailor was, and still is, an adventurous high stakes profession that takes fascinating skills to survive and prosper. In this program we will explore the culture, diversity, and history of this difficult profession. Students will gain an understanding of how Maine’s geography makes seamanship forever a part of its culture. Activities like unpacking a sea chest, team hauling on an anchor capstan, singing a sea chantey, and an examination of what could be expected for sailor cuisine all make our heritage tangible for students. Let us know if there is a particular vessel or sailing story you would like us to cover during the program.


Lobstering & The Maine Coast (Seasonal Availability)
Grades: 2-12
Our completely renovated and redesigned 6,200 square-foot Lobstering and the Maine Coast exhibit is a great place for students to learn about Maine’s most economically important fishery. Students will gain an understanding of the current science behind lobstering, the history of the fishery, the American Lobster species, the social history of Maine lobstermen, and fishery management. This program engages students with hands-on activities like “hauling” a trap, preparing gear for fishing, and the “Lobstermen’s Challenge Course”.

Merrymeeting Bay Ecology Boat Cruise (Seasonal Availability, mornings only, 9:30 am start time)
Grades: 3-12
A trip up to Merrymeeting Bay on our new 56 foot double-decker cruise boat is a great way for students to explore this unique ecosystem. Students will understand how this complex system of six major rivers affects Maine’s natural environment as a whole. Observing first hand how change and constancy in an organism’s habitat can influence its survival, students will learn the importance of biodiversity and how man-made structures influence the health of an ecosystem.


45-Minute Boat Cruise + a 60 Minute Program (Seasonal Availability)
Take a 45 minute cruise on our boat along the Kennebec and choose from a 60 minute version of either Building a Wooden Vessel, Sailors at Sea, or Lobstering and the Maine Coast.

Class Sizes, Length of Program Options, & Trip Logistics

A. One Class On-Site
90-minute program
If two classes arrive at the same time and each want a 90-minute program, the other classes are welcome to explore the museum on their own as they wait for their program. A maximum of two 90-minute classes per school per day.

B. Two Classes On-Site at the Same Time
One class does a 60-minute program, and one does a 60-minute Self-guided Artifact Scavenger Hunt & Self-guided Museum Tour (grades 1-8), or Nautical Activity & Self-guided Museum Tour (Grades 9-12), then classes rotate.

C. Three Classes On-Site at the Same Time                                                                                One class does a 60-minute program, one does a 60-minute self-guided Artifact Scavenger Hunt & Self-guided Museum Tour (grades 1-8), or Self-guided Museum Tour (Grades 9-12), one does a 60-minute Nautical Activity, then rotate all classes through each segment.

D. COMBO CLASS – 45 Minute Boat Cruise + 60 Minute Program – Minimum 15 Students
One class – 120-minute programTwo classes at the museum at the same time – 180-minute program
Two classes arriving to the museum at the same time go on the boat cruise together for 45 minutes, and then rotate through doing a 60-minute program of their choice and a 60-minute self-guided Artifact Scavenger Hunt & Activity (Grades 1-5), or Self-guided Museum Tour (Grades 6-12). A maximum of 60 persons on the vessel at once is permitted.

E. Merrymeeting Bay Ecology Boat Cruise – Minimum 15 Students
150-minute program
Two classes may be served at the same time each morning during this 2.5-hour program, with a maximum of 60 persons on the vessel at once. An arrival time of 9:15 am is recommended for the 9:30 am program start time.

Program Prices

A. Non-boat cruise programs: $7.50 per student or a minimum of $100
B. COMBO CLASS: 45-minute boat cruise + 60-minute program: $12 per student, Minimum of 15 students
C. Merrymeeting Bay ecology boat cruise program: $14 per student, minimum of 15 students

Complimentary admission is applied to one teacher or adult per every 10 students. Admission for additional adults is at the reduced museum admission rate of $13 per person, or the off-season reduced rate of $9.50.

Ticket To Ride State Bus Funding: $300 per school year for all schools, and up to $500 per school year with over 50% free and reduced school lunch.
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Additional Programs

Student Tour (45 minutes, $6 per student)
Have one of our docents guide your class through the historic Percy & Small Shipyard, birthplace of some of America’s largest wooden vessels. The techniques of design and building a wooden sailing vessel are revealed as the students tour original historic shipyard buildings.

1-hour Boat Cruise ($10 per student, minimum 15 students)
Enjoy a narrated boat cruise up the Kennnebec River and past the Bath Iron Works shipyard. A maximum of 60 persons on the vessel at once is permitted.

In-School Programs

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