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Where this classic Maine rowing peapod came from is a bit of a mystery! But after waiting patiently for several decades in our boat barn, it was lovingly restored by museum volunteers, who replaced all the frames and added floors, floorboards, thwart risers, thwarts, breasthooks, and gunwales. The hull was extensively faired and painted Turkish blue with a black bottom.

The winner will be drawn October 27, 2023.


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    bud warren says:

    Years ago, my dad bought an old cedar skiff – similar in length to but more “shapely” than this perky little skiff offered in the MMM sweepstakes. He called her the “Cootie,” after his large cat boat, the “Coot.” Over time Cootie became mine. I grew up in her, learning to row and to sail her on the New Meadows. She was my magic carpet for voyages of discovery – to the deep salt marsh past Thomas Point, the magical Back Cove, to distant islands past Birch Point and beyond. In her I learned to use and how to row with and against a current, to set and follow a compass course and to do necessary chores at our summer cottage – emptying the garbage and chemical toilet at an outgoing tide (something I’d never do today!), to row daily up to White’s farm for the family’s milk or even over to Gurnet for lobsters. She taught me to sail easily and carefully, and (after a few mishaps) even how to jibe safely. She was then, the perfect boat for me, and the one that’s offered by MMM is the perfect boat for my great grandchildren to learn the joy and responsibility of living and boating on the coast.

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